public Intervention\Image\Image trim( [string $base, [array $away, [int $tolerance, [int $feather]]]] )

Trim away image space in given color. Define an optional base to pick a color at a certain position and borders that should be trimmed away. You can also set an optional tolerance level, to trim similar colors and add a feathering border around the trimed image.

Note: Resource intensive with GD driver. Use with care.



Define the the point from where the trimming color is picked. For example if you set this parameter to bottom-right, all color will be trimmed away that is equal to the color in the bottom-left corner of the image.

Possible values are:

  • top-left (default)
  • bottom-right
  • transparent

away (optional)

Border(s) that should be trimmed away. You can add multiple borders. as an array of values. Possible values are:

  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right

By default the trimming is performed on all borders.

tolerance (optional)

Define a percentaged tolerance level between 0 and 100 to trim away similar color values. Default: 0

feather (optional)

Sometimes it may be useful to leave a untouched "border" around an object while trimming. Especially when trimming non-solid backgrounds you can expand (positive value) or contract (negative value) the space around the trimed object by a certain amount of pixels. Default: 0

Return Values

Instance of Intervention\Image\Image


// trim image (by default on all borders with top-left color)

// trim image (on all borders with bottom-right color)

// trim image (only top and bottom with transparency)
Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->trim('transparent', ['top', 'bottom']);

// trim image (only left side top-left color)
Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->trim('top-left', 'left');

// trim image on all borders (with 40% tolerance)
Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->trim('top-left', null, 40);

// trim image and leave a border of 50px by feathering
Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->trim('top-left', null, 25, 50);

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