public Intervention\Image\Image exif([string $key])

Read Exif meta data from current image. Image object must be instantiated from file path to read the EXIF data correctly.

The Imagick driver comes with built-in exif support since version 2.3.9 of this library. Otherwise PHP must be compiled in with --enable-exif to use this method. Windows users must also have the mbstring extension enabled. When both the Imagick driver and the extension are available, the extension will be used.


key (optional)

Optionally index key to retrieve only particular data. By default all data available will be loaded.

Return Values

Associative array of all Exif data available or mixed data for particular value. If no meta data can be found, method will return null.


// read all existing data into an array
$data = Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->exif();

// read model of the camera
$name = Image::make('public/foo.jpg')->exif('Model');

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