public Intervention\Image\Image line(int $x1, int $y1, int $x2, int $y2, [Closure $callback])

Draw a line from x,y point 1 to x,y point 2 on current image. Define color and/or width of line in an optional Closure callback.



X-Coordinate of the starting point.


Y-Coordinate of the starting point.


X-Coordinate of the end point.


Y-Coordinate of the end point.


Define appearance of line. See examples below. Use the following methods to pass details.

public Intervention\Image\AbstractShape color(string $color)

Set color of the line in one of the available color formats. Default: #000000

public Intervention\Image\AbstractShape width(integer $width)

Set the width of the line in pixels. Option is not available with GD driver Default: 1

Return Values

Instance of Intervention\Image\Image


// create empty canvas with background color
$img = Image::canvas(100, 100, '#ddd');

// draw a blue line
$img->line(10, 10, 100, 10, function ($draw) {

// draw a red line with 5 pixel width
$img->line(10, 10, 195, 195, function ($draw) {

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