You are viewing the documentation for Intervention Image 2, this version has reached EOL. Please consider upgrading to version 3.

public static Intervention\Image\ImageManager make(mixed $source)

Universal factory method to create a new image instance from source. The method is highly variable to read all the input types listed below.



Source to create an image from. The method responds to the following input types:

  • string - Path of the image in filesystem.
  • string - URL of an image (allow_url_fopen must be enabled).
  • string - Binary image data.
  • string - Data-URL encoded image data.
  • string - Base64 encoded image data.
  • resource - PHP resource of type gd. (when using GD driver)
  • object - Imagick instance (when using Imagick driver)
  • object - Intervention\Image\Image instance
  • object - SplFileInfo instance (To handle Laravel file uploads via Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile)

Return Values

Instance of Intervention\Image\Image


// create a new image resource from file
$img = Image::make('public/foo.jpg');

// or create a new image resource from binary data
$img = Image::make(file_get_contents('public/foo.jpg'));

// create a new image from gd resource
$img = Image::make(imagecreatefromjpeg('public/foo.jpg'));

// create a new image directly from an url
$img = Image::make('');

// create a new image directly from Laravel file upload
$img = Image::make(Request::file('photo'));

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