Inserting Images

public Image::place(mixed $element, string $position = 'top-left', int $offset_x = 0, int $offset_y = 0, int $opacity = 100): ImageInterface

Places an image at the specified position. The image to be inserted can be specified from any of the supported image sources. Optionally, you can pass coordinates for an offset to move the image relative to the specified position. It is also possible to control the opacity of the "watermark" with the opacity parameter.

The possible position values are:

  • top-left (default)
  • top
  • top-right
  • left
  • center
  • right
  • bottom-left
  • bottom
  • bottom-right


Name Type Description
element mixed Source of the image to be placed
position string Position of the image to be placed
offset_x int Optional relative offset of the new image on x-axis
offset_y int Optional relative offset of the new image on y-axis
opacity int Control over the opacity of the placed image ranging from 0 (fully transparent) to 100 (opaque)


use Intervention\Image\ImageManager;

// create an test image from a file
$manager = ImageManager::gd();
$image = $manager->read('test.png');

// paste another image

// create a new resized watermark instance and insert at bottom-right 
// corner with 10px offset and an opacity of 25%