Server Requirements

Before you begin with the installation make sure your server environment supports the following requirements.

  • PHP >= 8.0
  • A PHP image processing extension

Image Processing Extension

Depending on your PHP installation Intervention Image lets you choose between two different image processing libraries.

GD Image or ImageMagick are the most popular image processing libraries for PHP. Your server environment must support at least one of them. GD is part of most PHP installations. However I recommend using ImageMagick because I think it is faster and more efficient especially for larger images.


The best way to install Intervention Image is quickly and easily with Composer.

This is an early alpha version and should installed for development and testing only.

First make sure to allow unstable releases by setting the minimum-stability value on your composer.json to alpha. Then continue by running the following command.

$ composer require intervention/image ^3.0@alpha

Your composer.json will be updated automatically and you're able use the classes of the package via the autoloader. To do so require the just created vendor/autoload.php file to PSR-4 autoload all your installed composer packages.

After installation you can start to use the library.